Beta Alanine 120 Cap

Beta Alanine 120 Cap

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Beta Alanine, by Onnit, is a naturally occurring, non-essential amino acid that is shown to maximize your fitness performance by buffering lactic acid, which means you'll be able to perform at your optimum longer, especially for exercise and sports that use explosive movements.

When you perform high-intensity exercise, hydrogen ions surge into your muscles (often referred to as lactic acid buildup), causing the “burn” you’re all too familiar with and hindering muscle performance.

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So you rack the weights, slow down, or take a break and try to ignore the thought that if you could just push just a little harder, for a little longer, maybe you could speed up your gains and improve your performance.

Well now you can, because now you have Onnit Beta Alanine in your armoury.


Lactate Clearance. 

The ability to remove lactic acid from the muscle allows for continued contraction, leading to more reps, and thus more overload, which is key for improvements in strength and muscle gain. One study showed that beta alanine supplementation demonstrated a greater lactate clearance when compared to the placebo.†

Promote Aerobic Performance. 

Maximal oxygen consumption - the highest rate of oxygen consumption attainable during maximal or exhaustive exercise - is a cornerstone measurement for aerobic performance and overall fitness. When combined with high-intensity aerobic training, beta alanine supplementation was shown to help support endurance over a placebo.† If you want indomitable aerobic performance, we highly recommend combining with Onnit ShroomTECH Sport.

Increase Resistance Training Volume. 

Greater resistance training volumes – the amount of reps completed for a given exercise – result in superior increases in muscular size. A study that examined the bench press volumes in football players found that supplementation with beta alanine resulted in increased bench press volumes and lower subjective feelings of fatigue.†