Chaga Mushroom Extract

Chaga Mushroom Extract

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The humble mushroom has come to be regarded as a super food with the Chaga variety held in particularly high regard. It has been used by indigenous tribes in eastern Asia for a millennium, and in recent years western science has validated this use in a series of studies. Noted for it’s antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Chaga can boost your immune system, aid in muscle and joint recovery time from exercise, as well as provide a mental boost.

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There are many elixirs, coffees and teas that use Chaga as a primary ingredient, but the people at The Mushroomist have gone one step further and used their unique symbiosis of professional mushroom cultivators backed by a medicinal herb extraction laboratory to create a tonic which condenses the strength of Chaga into an easy to absorb liquid, with each pipette equivalent to roughly 3 cups of Chaga tea or coffee.

By cultivating, harvesting and extracting the mushrooms themselves, the team at The Mushroomist can maintain control over every part of the production process, which ensures their products contain only the freshest, purest, and strongest sustainably produced extract available.

Each bottle contains 30ml of Chaga extract, stabilised and flavoured with organic maple syrup, and the bottle itself is of high-quality Miron-glass. Unlike normal glass, this allows only ultraviolet and infrared light to pass through it, and as a result, the active components degenerate much slower and your tonic is kept as potent as possible.

Designed to be used as a dietary supplement, we recommend using 1-2 pipettes of extract daily depending on your level of physical activity. This condensed liquid delivery system allows fast and full absorption with the body using 98% of the extract, as opposed to 40-50% absorption rates for capsules or tablets.