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The natural compounds in MycoMIND improve mental clarity and cognitive function which leads to improved mental capacity allowing us to focus for longer periods of time. 

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MycoMIND - Brain Cell Optimiser

At it's core is Organic Lions Mane mushroom which has been used in Japan for thousands of years, with western medicine now confirming its role in enhancing cognition as well as a range of neuro-regenerative properties.

This is further augmented by BioPPQ which is a pure and potent source of pyrroloquinoline quinone which is a polyphenol that is an exceptional antioxidant and cell regulator that promotes mitochondrial survival, growth, and function.

Combined, these ingredients enhance the bodies ability to grow new neurons and mitochondira which helps your body replace the some 200,000 brain cells we lose every day.

Regrowing these brain cells is made possible by a protein called Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) improving brain health and neuroplasticity. 

Mitochondria generate 90% of the energy that our bodies use on a daily basis, with the brain using the greatest amount of this energy compared to our other organs. 

As such, MycoMIND makes an ideal foundation for high level mental performance.