Natural Stacks Vitamin C with Zinc Glycinate

Natural Stacks Vitamin C with Zinc Glycinate

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Vitamin C is one of natures most powerful anti-oxidants and serves to help the body metabolize free radicals in a healthy way. 

Free radicals damage cells which results in a weaker immune system, premature aging and for the performance minded individual, they can greatly increase recovery time and reduce the overall effectiveness of a fitness programme.

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This vitamin C supplement is stacked with a fully chelated Zinc Glycinate which helps to boost the bodies immune system and neurological function.

Not only does vitamin C act as a cell protector, but it also enables your body to produce collagen which is essential for healthy skin, connective tissue and joints. It plays a critical role in forming the proteins that your skin and blood vessels are made of, which means that it enhances the body's natural ability to heal internal and external injuries.

As we age, our natural rate of collagen production slows down which leads to wrinkled and sagging skin, slow recovery from exercise and injury, as well as aching joints - using a vitamin C supplement can over-ride this natural reduction.

It is thought that as much as a third of the worldwide population is deficient in zinc and there are few foods that are considered a good source of this trace mineral. It is involved in cell division and replication and even a mild level of deficiency can lead to increased levels of disease and infection.

Natural Stacks stated aim is to deliver supplements with ingredients that act as force multipliers on each other, reinforcing the strength of each element to optimal effect, and this Vitamin C and Zinc supplement is one of their finest examples of that.

This bottle contains 90 capsules with a recommended daily dose of 1-2 per day, although for the vast majority of people 1 capsule is sufficient.