Onnit Powerfood Active 429g

Onnit Powerfood Active 429g

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We all know that food is fuel, so that makes the new Powerfood Active from Onnit a Power-fuel.

Combining hemp protein and a host of micronutrients to support your body, Powerfood Active represents one of the most nutritious and energetically favourable plant-based proteins available on the market today.

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Onnit Powerfood Active

The perfect complement to an active lifestyle, we recommend using Powerfood Active as part of your daily regimen to maintain optimal performance. Boasting a balanced amino acid profile, power nutrients, and earth grown ingredients, the combination of protein and bioactive components make Powerfood Active optimized for very active people, but suitable for anyone.

One of the best things about Powerfood Active is that it has a really smooth chocolatey taste, which comes from pure cocoa and is enhanced by one of the most sought-after performance foods in the world: maca.

Delicately sweetened with stevia and monk fruit, this low glycemic, high fiber blend makes insanely delicious smoothies and more.

Unlike other protein supplements, the flavour of Powerfood Active actually comes from the active ingredients contained within – nothing has been added just to make it palatable, every ingredient that makes the flavour so good, is also what makes it such a high performance supplement.

Mix one scoop of Powerfood Active into a glass of water for a deliciously smooth chocolatey drink, or use it as an enhancing ingredient to supercharge coffee and smoothies.

Each tub contains 429g of Powerfood Active Powder