Onnit Vitamin D3 w/ Vitamin K2 Spray (24 ml)
Onnit Vitamin D3 w/ Vitamin K2 Spray (24 ml)
Onnit Vitamin D3 w/ Vitamin K2 Spray (24 ml)

Onnit Vitamin D3 w/ Vitamin K2 Spray (24 ml)

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Now in 3 flavours; Original, Passion Fruit & Guava and Grapefruit!

This new product from the people at Onnit is like a spray of sunshine in a bottle. It is estimated that up to 75% of people could be vitamin D deficient, as not all of us in Europe get enough sun. In the long winter months we tend to be indoors, even for when the sun is shining.

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Onnit Vitamin D3 w/ Vitamin K2 Spray

Every one of our cells has a vitamin D receptor, and the best source of Vitamin D is still the Sun, but allowing your levels of vitamin to get low can affect your bone health, heart health, as well as your mood and overall vitality.

So if you find that you are going from building to building, from work or college to the gym, or to home, or the cinema, or to the pub and you don’t get a chance to enjoy the sun too often, this spray can help you maintain your focus and your mood.


There are 4 options when it comes to supplementing with vitamin D – lanolin, mushrooms, fish oil, and lichens. Only lanolin-, fish oil-, and lichen-based supplements can provide you with D3.

Given the lack of vitamin D in food sources unless you eat salmon every day, it’s best to supplement with vitamin D if you can’t get adequate sun exposure.

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is the form of vitamin D your body produces when it’s exposed to UV rays, so it’s easily absorbed. Vitamin D supplements that use mushrooms only contain D2 (ergocalciferol), a less bioavailable form of vitamin D.

Onnit Vitamin D3 Spray is a plant-based vitamin D3 supplement that provides 1,000 IU of vitamin D per serving from lichens. Our vitamin D3 is carefully extracted using a system that accounts for heat, light, and moisture to ensure our vitamin D3 is stable, pure, and potent.

As our vitamin D3 is dispensed as a spray, it enters your system much quicker than a tablet, capsule or gelcap.  What makes our spray even better, is that it is carried in a base of clean, fractionated MCT oil.

This 24ml bottle contains 30 servings, which equates to a month’s supply.