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The idea behind Shroom TECH Sport was to create a supplement that real athletes could take safely every day — even the day of competition. We wanted clean energy, ingredients with a history of use in high-level competition, and general health benefits; we believe we have found it in our exclusive combination of cordyceps sinensis mushroom, adaptogens, antioxidants, and methyl B-12. 

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What's in it?

Cordyceps Super: Potent bioavailable extract, magnifying the potency of cordyceps.

Astragalus: Chinese herb, helpful in unlocking the full capability of Cordyceps mushrooms.

Green Tea Extract: A powerful antioxidant and mild caffeine source.

Ashwagandha: Powerful ayurvedic herb, known for assisting with vitality and focus.

Chromium (Picolinate): Helps balancing & maintenance of optimal blood sugar levels.

How does it work?

Shroom TECH Sport battles fatigue with a strategy unlike any other supplement on the market, providing cellular energy through the production of ATP rather than purely stimulant-based energy, and helping the body to improve oxygen utilization so you can go longer, recover faster, and set a new personal best.

The Shroom TECH Sport formula is built upon the well-studied Cordyceps Sinensis mushroom. This mushroom has been tested in multiple clinical studies, some of which demonstrated increased endurance, resistance to fatigue and improvement in oxygen utilization by as much as 50%. It is believed that one way the cordyceps mushroom achieves this is by affecting the ATP cycle. By providing raw Adenosine, ADP is converted to ATP more readily, allowing the body more bioavailable cellular energy. Well-studied antioxidants like Green Tea Extract further eliminate fatigue causing free radicals, and enhance fast recovery for athletes on any level.