T+ Total Strength & Performance (30 Servings)

T+ Total Strength & Performance (30 Servings)

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Designed to improve athletic performance as well as increase strength and power, this stimulant free pre-workout from Onnit delivers statistically significant improvements in performance as determined by a double blind, placebo controlled study carried out by the Florida State University Athletic team.

The human body naturally processes food-sourced nutrients far more efficiently than synthetic compounds, and as such the T+ formula contains only Earth Grown Nutrients and completely avoids and of the chemicals and artificial stimulants favoured by many pre-workout products on the market.

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Onnits Total Strength + Performance


T+ Total Strength and performance is now available in a smooth Strawberry Lemonade flavour, and has been certified as containing no banned substances by one of the worlds top testing agencies (BSCG) and as such is completely competition safe.


What's in it?


Longjack is a flowering plant native to Indonesia and Malaysia that is referred to as “bitter charm.” Quassinoids are the biologically active component that is commonly used in these countries as food and drink additives, specifically for coffee and energy drinks. Longjack has been shown to help the body restore optimal testosterone levels in aging males


Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid found naturally in foods such as chicken, beef, pork and fish. Beta-alanine helps maintain an optimal pH level in the blood, helping the body to buffer lactic acid more efficiently. Beta-alanine is the rate-limiting precursor for carnosine synthesis, an important peptide highly concentrated in skeletal muscle. Elevating muscle carnosine with beta-alanine supplementation is hypothesized to enhance the contractility of muscles through increasing buffering capacity.


Found naturally in celery, lemons, peppermint, oregano and a handful of other herbs, this citrus bioflavonoid acts as an antioxidant and general anti-inflammatory for non-medical conditions. Known in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries, luteolin has reported anti-estrogenic effects, helping the body’s androgens to shift towards optimal testosterone production

Onnit Labs T+ formula was held to the gold standard of scientific testing when researchers from Florida State University conducted a double blind, placebo controlled study that utilized college level athletes. The results indicated that four weeks of T+ supplementation could significantly improve powerlifting performance. Athletes who ingested T+ achieved 36% greater improvements in total strength relative to athletes who consumed a calorie-matched placebo. The unique combination of earth grown nutrients present in T+ are now known to have a substantial impact on pushing the limits of human performance.