Key Minerals (120 Cap)

Key Minerals (120 Cap)

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Minerals are absolutely essential for our bodies to function properly and yet we lack the ability to make them ourselves, and as such we must work them into our diet. Of course trying to tick every single box in order to ensure a balanced yet fully rounded diet can be almost impossible. This is why Onnit have developed Key Minerals to help performance minded adults reach their mineral targets in a simple and clean way that doesn’t necessarily have to be accompanied by higher than required levels of fat or other elements.

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Key Minerals - Onnit Labs

What's in it?

Onnits Key Minerals contains four essential ingredients, two of which are well known and widely available as part of a balanced diet - Calcium and Magnesium, and two of which are considerably less available and yet very important trace minerals - Molybdenum and Iodine.

Calcium and it’s benefits are well known and it is by far the most abundant mineral in our bodies making up our bones and teeth, as well as playing an important role in our circulatory system, nerve impulse transmission, and hormone secretion.

Magnesium is essential to the human body’s optimal function as a cofactor for hundreds of enzymes and physiological processes such as blood sugar regulation, protein synthesis, and energy metabolism.

Molybdenum is not only very difficult to pronounce, but it is also a catalyst for the reactions of four enzymes in the body, namely Sulfite oxidase, Xanthine oxidase, Aldehyde oxidase, and Mitochondrial amidoxime.

Iodine is well known as a critical nutrient for thyroid health which can massively impact rates of metabolism, neurological development, reproductive function, and the growth of the body itself.

One bottle of Onnits Key Minerals contains 120 capsules and as you can see from the information panel below Onnits suggested use is four capsules daily, but our personal recommendation for healthy adults with a varied diet is between 2 and 4 capsules based on the RDAs and depending on your own level of physical activity.


Onnit Key Minerals - Ingredients & Use